X Factor’s Joe McElderry Reaches the Top

 Joe-McElderry Even though 18 year-old Joe McElderry marginally lost the Christmas 2009 top spot to Rage Against the Machine, he has not been just waiting around for success to come to him. This was just a small stumbling block on his way to Number One. He has been quite busy in the interim.

To his credit, Joe, who hails from South Shields, is enjoying the astounding popularity of his single, The Climb. It sold 196,000 copies during just the second week of its release. This topped the US rock single Killing In The Name, moving it to second place on the singles chart. Joe stated in a BBC interview that he was just “so happy” that he reached number one and went on to thank everyone who supported him.

Joe used his free time over the Christmas holidays to visit St Oswald’s Hospice located in Newcastle. He spent time with the sick children who are seriously ill and being cared for in the wards there. These brave children really impressed Joe with their courage.

Rumor has it that Simon Cowell has donated 20, 000 pounds so that young Joe can enjoy a skiing holiday. When it was disclosed that Joe loves to ski, Simon set about arranging this dream vacation. The destination has not been revealed yet, but it may be a popular resort in Austria. It has not been confirmed that the trip will take place but the announcement is expected to be forthcoming after all the arrangements have been completed.

Even though Joe is now working with Simon, he reveals that he only got to keep 150,000 pounds of the one million pounds he was presented for winning X Factor. He confessed during an interview with the Times that the rest of this money goes to promotions. Joe is not ungrateful at all, though. He is just happy that he has had the chance to become a pop star and remains philosophical when it comes to money.

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