Sting Attacks X Factor

 sting The famous rock star Sting has produced a staggering effect while participating at the musical reality show X Factor. The singer has claimed the popular show to be a mere “televised karaoke” and nothing more than that. Sting said that Simon Cowell as well as all the rest participants serving as judges was a person without any talent.

The celebrity, who is now 58 years old and became famous on account of his band The Police before starting up his solo career, said the show that enjoys wide popularity and success was in fact a kind of a soap opera that has no relation of any kind to the art of music.

The singer apologized for his rather strict and harsh words but said all those children had no musical future, adding that he was extremely sad about it.

According to Sting, this reality show had made a lot of harm to the music industry on the whole and evaluated the way its contestants were treated as absolutely terrible.

The singer mentioned that all those young people who had their music career start in there were doomed to experience such a feeling as humiliation later. This is an awful experience, he believes, for such a young person, to face and feel all that rejection.

Sting claimed that he had made attempt to be open-minded, but the show had not encouraged any creative expression. According to the singer, all that he was able to see was a televised karaoke where participants simply conformed to stereotypes.

The star said that such a show is not appropriate to be shown on TV. He called it a perverse, foolish program, where judges are absolutely deprived of any talent and can simply tell what to wear.

However, the show’s spokesperson refused to give any comments on the interview, mentioning that the singer had a right to have his personal opinion whatever it was.

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