Tyson and Echeverria Will Not Face Charges over the Airport Tussle

 mike-tyson On Thursday it was reported that Mike Tyson and the photographer Tony Echeverria who provoked Tyson over the tussle will not face any charges. The scuffle was held last month at Los Angeles International Airport. According to the words of Frank Mateljan, a city attorney spokesman, there was not enough of evidence to accuse both suspects of the provocation. It is not clear who was the first to begin the scuffle. Tyson and Echeverria were arrested on Friday, the 11th of November and each of them said that other punched him.

Echiverria said that Tyson’s blow knocked him to the ground at once and then he was treated medically for a heavy cut to his forehead. “Iron Mike” was traveling with his family and suddenly he was surrounded by photographers. Tyson’s attorney Shawn Champion Holley told that Mike protected his daughter after Frank collided with their stroller.

This year of 2009 was one of the most difficult ones for Mike Tyson. In May he went through a personal tragedy. His four-year-old daughter died after an accident that happened when she was strangled unintentionally on a treadmill with a loose cord.

The carrier of Mike Tyson started in the middle of 1980s. In 6 years he became the youngest heavyweight champion in the history. At that time he was 20. Till the end of the decade Tyson was considered to be an unbeatable champion. In 1992 Mike was sentenced to six years of prison but he was there only three years instead of six. He was convicted of assaulting a beauty queen at a great show in Indianapolis. Tyson was released in 1995. All that time he denied that he assaulted the woman.

In 1999 “Iron Mike” was accused once again. This time in assaulting two people who followed a car accident. In 2003 he was filed for bankruptcy and then retired.

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