Brittany Spears Granted Permission from Court to Auction Dress for Haiti

 britney_spears Brittany Spears smiled as she went to court on Friday to seek permission to auction one of her used dresses to donate to the Haiti relief fund. Accompanied by her father, Jaime, Brittany respectfully asked the court’s permission to auction off a dress that she wore during the 2008 MTV Video Music awards. That was a good year for Brittany, as she won 3 awards. It has not been released which of the 2 silver outfits she wore during the show will be auctioned. Nor is it clear when the auction will take place or how it will be held.

This court visit had been widely speculated to be the one in which Brittany was to find out if she was free from her father’s conservatorship rule or not. But that was not what it was about at all. The request to auction the dress was approved by Commissioner Reva Goetz.

While they were there, permission was obtained to dispose of more things that are not useful to Brittany or her estate any longer. Just what these items were and how they might be disposed of was not immediately available.

This may not have been the total reason that Brittany and her father appeared in court. It was reported that the Commissioner wanted to see for herself just how Brittany, now 28 years old, was adjusting. It has been 2 years since her father was put in charge of her and her affairs and the Commissioner wanted a first hand look at how Brittany was doing now.

According to all reports, Brittany has really cleaned up her act in the last 2 years since her father took over. Even though there was a lot of speculation at the time about deviousness on the part of her father, it seems that everyone was wrong about that. Brittany has definitely flourished under his care.

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